Top 5 Halal Bento Menus

Who doesn’t love bentos? The humble 弁当 is convenient, easy to prepare, and saves you money on not having to eat out all the time. If you’re ordering for your friends or colleagues, remember to cater for halal diets as well. Check out these favourite halal bentos on CaterSpot.

Rasa Rasa Halal Delights


Working on a budget? Rasa Rasa Halal Delights offers value packed meals for bento catering. For $3.50/pax, choose from 12 main dishes (chicken rendang, crispy fish fillet with Thai sauce, mango fish) and 15 side dishes (sambal egg, ngoh hiang, tempura chicken nugget, seafood wanton).

Bentos from $3.50/pax
Minimum order: $200
Minimum order notice: 3 days

Team Catering


Team Catering offers a huge variety of bento boxes and packed meals, both Asian and Western. Try their Japanese Yakitori or Thai Pineapple Rice bentos. If you’re feeling more like Western, check out the Western Set with spaghetti aglio olio and crispy chicken cutlet.

Bentos from $4.50/pax
Minimum order: $180
Minimum order notice: 3 days

The Orange Lantern Restaurant


Everybody’s favourite Vietnamese restaurant caters too! Choose between six bento boxes (grilled chicken, beef, fish, or vegetarian), or try one of their three premium bento menus. The CaterSpot team likes Premium Bento A with char-grilled lemongrass chicken and mango salad!

Bentos from $13.90/pax
Minimum order: $80
Minimum order notice: 1 day

Foodfest Catering


Foodfest offers two types of bento menus: Big Value and Super Value. As the name implies, these value for money bentos start at $3/pax with six different types of bentos ranging from gong bao fish to honey chicken drumlets!

Bentos from $3/pax
Minimum order: $200
Minimum order notice: 2 days

Oh’s Farm Catering


Choose between Asian and Western bento boxes from Oh’s Farm Catering! The Asian bento menus contain house favourite dishes like sweet and sour fish, braised chicken with root vegetables, and crispy lemon chicken while the Western menus offer pan-fried dory with lemon sauce and crispy orange chicken.

Bentos from $8/pax
Minimum order: $70
Minimum order notice: 3 days

With CaterSpot, there’s something for everyone. Simply choose from 140+ caterers and restaurants on one convenient online platform! From managing your order to ensuring your delivery arrives on time, we’ll take care of it.

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