Top 8 Bentos Under $8

Catering lunch for a large group on a budget? We know it’s a hassle to call up individual caterers requesting custom quotes. That’s why the CaterSpot team has picked eight bentos under $8, just for you.

Team Catering


By far the cheapest menus on our list, Team Catering’s packed lunches and dinners start at only $2.50! Also available are their value for money bento boxes – from $4.50/pax, choose between ten different menus (nasi lemak, Thai pineapple rice, Japanese yakitori).

Bento boxes from $4.50/pax
Minimum 50 pax
Minimum order notice: 3 days

Jai Siam


Who says you can’t eat well on a budget? With Jai Siam’s Bento Meals, you can dine on thai cuisine including pineapple fried rice, a vegetarian bento option featuring olive rice, and a green curry chicken bento meal. Try these for your next office lunch or event!

Bento boxes at $8/pax
Minimum 25 pax
Minimum order notice: 1 days

Rasa Rasa Halal Delights


Rasa Rasa Halal Delights offers value packed meals starting from $3.50/pax. Alternatively, try their special delights bento set – for $8/pax, choose from seven delicious options including yakitori chicken rice, rendang mutton, and Thai minced chicken.

Bento boxes from $3.50/pax
Minimum 50 pax
Minimum order notice: 3 days

Kim’s Kitchen


All three of Kim’s Kitchen bento box menus are under $10! Pick between their economy meal ($3.80/pax), deluxe meal ($4.50/pax), and executive meal ($5.50/pax). Our favourite? The Executive Meal with sweet and sour fish, Thai style prawn, and mixed mushroom beancurd.

Bento boxes from $3.80/pax
Minimum 30 pax
Minimum order notice: 3 days

Chefs Catering (by QQ Group)


Everybody’s favourite buffet caterer also does bento boxes! Chefs Catering offers four different types of bentos under $10: the Value Bento Box, Deluxe Bento Box, Homemade Bento Box, and Premium Bento Box (pictured). Craving some sugar? Add on a premium chocolate brownie or American cheesecake for just $1!

Bento boxes from $4.50/pax
Minimum 33 pax
Minimum order notice: 4 days

KCK Food Catering


With the bento lunch and dinner set, feast on your choice of four courses including chicken chops with plum sauce, sambal kangkong, and fortune sauce fish fillet! Alternatively, try their package bentos: grilled chicken with honey peach sauce, or Japanese teriyaki chicken and tempura prawn.

Bento boxes from $4/pax
Minimum 75 pax
Minimum order notice: 3 days

House of Dim Sum


Brighten your lunch hours with an old-school dim sum bento! Choose your main dish (we like glutinous rice in lotus leaves), and then go crazy with dim sum: from shark’s fin and pumpkin crystal dumplings to siew mai and beancurd skin, you’ll love this traditional package.

Bento boxes at $6.90/pax
Minimum 20 pax
Minimum order notice: 1 day

Hjh Maimunah


You’ve seen traditional Chinese, and now for some traditional Malay bentos! With Hjh Maimunah’s customised bento boxes, enjoy house favourites sayur lemak lodeh, begedel and tempe, ayam masak merah, and ayam goreng before topping it off with nasi goreng kampung.

Bento boxes from $6.90/pax
Minimum 15 pax
Minimum order notice: 2 days

Want to see more bentos? Head on over to our Bento category and view options from 100 caterers and restaurants.

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